A NEW BREAKTHROUGH SOLUTION FOR THE DETECTION OF 25+ NARCOTICS (Liquids, powders, tablets, plant materials etc.) When law enforcement officers encounter a suspected controlled substance, it is necessary to determine what kind of substance it might be...

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  • MMC NarcoSpray for Cocaine w/ 150 Test Sheets

    A presumptive test to determine the presence of Cocaine/Crack. The cans are especially designed for safe and easy use.  Easily twist open the cap to use the spray and twist it again to close it safely.   At normal use you can perform...

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  • MMC Heroin Purity Tests - 2 Boxes

    The MMC Heroin Purity Test enables law enforcement officers to quickly get an idea about the purity of the tested heroin. Add 20 mg of the heroin sample to this test for results within seconds. Officers are now able to not only determine if the suspected...

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  • MMC Cocaine Purity Test - 2 Boxes

    This item includes 2 boxes of the Cocaine Purity Test.The MMC Cocaine Purity Test enables investigators to quickly get an idea about the purity of a cocaine sample.   With the Cocaine Purity Test, officers are now able to determine if the...

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  • MMC Cocaine Cutting Agents Tests

    The MMC Cocaine Cutting Agents Test is a quick, presumptive test to see if the cocaine sample has been cut with adulterants. Dealers often cut their cocaine to increase their profit margins. The substances used for cutting are generally harmless, but...

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  • MMC Cocaine Trace Wipes- 50/pkg

    The MMC Cocaine Trace Wipes presumptively detect the presence of Cocaine by simply wiping over the suspected surface. Test results are immediate. A blue result presumptively identifies the presence of Cocaine and may be sufficient case for further...

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  • MMC Cocaine Identification Spray

    In close cooperation with Police and Customs & Excise Authorities, MMC International has developed a handy/safe spray to identify cocaine impregnated in textile, cartons, plastics, etc. as well as traces of cocaine on all types of surfaces. ...

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