MMC Cocaine Cutting Agents Tests

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The MMC Cocaine Cutting Agents Test is a quick, presumptive test to see if the cocaine sample has been cut with adulterants. Dealers often cut their cocaine to increase their profit margins. The substances used for cutting are generally harmless, but dangerous substances may also be added.

Kit Contents:

10 ea. Cocaine Cutting Agents test ampoules
10 ea. Spatulas
  1 ea. Instruction Sheet


  • Break off the top with the plastic ampoule-breaker
  • Insert a small quantity of the cocaine into the ampoule
  • Stir the suspected substance with the supplied spatula
  • Compare the color chart

If inconclusive or if you doubt the results, always get the suspected sample analyzed by a laboratory.

Note: There might always be some variation in the color reactions due to the composition of the compound.
Note: Uncut cocaine does not react to this test.


Use of this test is at your own risk. This is a presumptive test. No rights or claims can be derived from the use of this test. The manufacturer or supplier cannot be held liable for damages and/or incidents as a result of this test.


Do not ingest. Do not inhale fumes. Do not bring in contact with eyes, skin, or clothing. Possibly irreversible effects. Keep locked up and out of reach of children. In case of eye contact: rinse with a lot of water and seek medical advice immediately. Wear protective clothing and glove. In case of an incident or when feeling unwell: seek medical advice immediately. Use only in well-ventilated areas.