Our personal protection products are used to ensure an investigator’s protection at a crime scene where blood borne pathogens or other hazardous materials may be present. Some products we offer include protective clothing, masks, and body bags.

  • Coveralls - Hood and Boots - S-4XL

    Coveralls - Hood and Boots - S-4XL

    Multiple Options Available

    This white, impervious, poly-coated Kevytton™ Coveralls one-piece suit comes with hood, boots, and a full frontal nylon zipper and elastic wrist bands. KEVYTTON™ FEATURES: • Strong yet lightweight• Microporous• Excep…

  • Everyday Use KN95 Face Mask

    Everyday Use KN95 Face Mask


    KN95 masks are rated to filter up to 95% of particles and are authorized by an FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for public use to protect against Covid-19. These disposable, non-woven, 5-ply masks include comfortable ear loops and an adjust…

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  • Standard Coveralls, on body view.

    Standard Coveralls

    Multiple Options Available

    These white, semi-impervious Standard Coveralls are made of Kevytton™ and come with elastic wrist and ankle bands and a full front nylon zipper.  Key Features: Sizes: S-4XL Strong yet lightweight Microporous Exceptional protect…

  • Possible Fentanyl Seals, Front view.

    Possible Fentanyl Seals


    These bright pink Possible Fentanyl Seals are easily identified to warn evidence handlers of possible Fentanyl contamination. They come 100 labels per roll and are supplied in an easy-release dispenser box. These labels measure 1.5" by 3".

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  • NOSA Plugs - Odor Inhibitor, Menthol, 100/pkg

    NOSA Plugs - Odor Inhibitor, Menthol, 100/pkg

    Multiple Options Available

    NOSA Plugs provide discreet protection and neutralizes bad odors without affecting your breathing capacity. Odor has as much of an effect on a person as the temperature, ventilation, and noise around them. For our law enforcement, crime scene...

    $9.99 - $99.75
  • Shoe Covers - Standard or Anti-Skid

    Shoe Covers - Standard or Anti-Skid

    Multiple Options Available

      Keep the crime scene clean! Our lightweight but strong Basic Shoe Covers slip on easily over most size shoes, preventing trace particles from shoe bottoms from contaminating crime scenes. Made of a woven material similar to mas…

    $9.24 - $33.86
  • Biohazard Labels, Front and roll view.

    Biohazard Labels

    Multiple Options Available

    Any evidence containing body fluids should be labeled with a Biohazard Label or sealed with Biohazard Tape. This international symbol warns law enforcement and crime laboratory personnel of a potential health hazard from pathogens such as Hepati…

    $6.72 - $78.86
  • Disposable Fluid Resistant Gown

    Disposable Fluid Resistant Gown


    This surgical isolation gown provides protection for work in risky environments. The material is impervious to liquid, providing a layer of protection. Two tie-straps (one at the neck and one in the middle) on the back of the gown provides...

    MSRP: $4.50
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  • TranZport Hood

    TranZport Hood

    Multiple Options Available

      Manufactured with mesh netting and bacteria-filtering fabric to restrict the spread of biological contaminants by the subject while still ensuring full visibility and breathability, the TranZport™ Hood aids in the safe transport of…

    $45.57 - $859.95
  • UV Absorbing Goggles, orange, front

    UV Absorbing Goggles

    Multiple Options Available

    Our anti-fogging, polycarbonate UV Absorbing Goggles are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and provide 100% UV eye protection. They were specifically designed to protect the user's eyes from most ultraviolet radiation, reduce eye fatig…

  •  Medium-Duty Body Bag, Front View.

    Body Bags - Medium and Heavy Duty

    Multiple Options Available

    Our white Medium-Duty Body Bags are made of 2 layers of a 3 mil polyethylene film laminated to 1000 denier scrim reinforcement material (equivalent strength to 12 mil vinyl material). This material remains flexible down to – 70° F.&nbs…

    $141.49 - $318.73
  • Hand Sanitizer Wipes, 80 Pack

    Hand Sanitizer Wipes, 80 Pack


    This package of hand sanitizing wipes contains 80 individual wipes that can be carried anywhere. The convenient size allows you to keep them handy for use in places such as grocery stores, schools, and offices. FDA approved (FDA NDC Number.…

    Was: $7.67
    Now: $6.95
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  • Anti-Splash Safety Goggles

    Anti-Splash Safety Goggles


    These vented, polycarbonate, Anti-Splash Safety Goggles can be worn with or without glasses and conform to OSHA and CDC recommended eye protection guidelines.

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  • Personal Protection Kits - Bloodborne Pathogens Pack

    Personal Protection Kits - Bloodborne Pathogens Pack


      Personal Protection Bloodborne Pathogens Pac-Kit apparel pack for use with spill clean up. Convenient tear open box fits into most kits for easy access. Perfect for standalone first aid or as a refill for a kit. Kit Components 1 ea. c…

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  • Black Nitrile PF Exam Gloves, Medium

    Black Nitrile PF Exam Gloves, Medium


    These gloves are ideal for law enforcement, security professionals, first responders, tattoo artists, and other professionals that need protection to safely do their duty. Each box contains 100 gloves. Size Medium. Features Exam...

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  • Police Vinyl  Boot Cover

    Police Vinyl Boot Cover


    Identify tracks made by law enforcement personnel at a crime scene with these vinyl boot covers.  Each pair is imprinted repeatedly with "POLICE" to differentiate personnel from other tracks.  These boot covers slip on easily over foot…

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  • GlovePlus Black Nitrile Gloves on hand

    GlovePlus Black Nitrile Gloves - 100/box

    Multiple Options Available

    AMMEX GlovePlus Black Gloves are made with industrial grade nitrile and provide excellent puncture resistance and chemical protection.  Features Industrial Grade Nitrile Textured/Micro-Roughened Grip Latex and Powder...

  • Disposable Face Masks - Box of 50

    Disposable Face Masks - Box of 50


    In this day-in-age, face masks are an every day carry item. These masks are disposable, breathable, and comfortable for extended use, and provide a layer of protection (when worn properly) from airborne particles to help keep you healthy. Store …

    MSRP: $34.99
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  • Biohazard Disposal Bags, bag open

    Biohazard Disposal Bags

    Multiple Options Available

    These .002” economical polyethylene Biohazard Disposal Bags are printed in both English and Spanish along with the international Biohazard symbol for an immediate warning of infectious waste.

    $56.49 - $103.48
  • Body Bags - Mesh Water Recovery

    Body Bags - Mesh Water Recovery


      Our 38" x 96" Mesh Water Recovery Body Bags are made from a high visibility orange-colored, vinyl-coated polyester scrim mesh which drains quickly when taken out of water. These bags have a clam-shell perimeter zipper on three sides…

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