•  Fingerprint Record Cards

    Fingerprint Record Cards


    Our standard 8” x 8” Application Fingerprint Record Cards are printed on 110 lb. index card stock and are accepted by police departments, sheriff’s departments, and other law enforcement agencies throughout the country. These..…

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  • Postmortem Fingerprint Record Card Strips

    Postmortem Fingerprint Record Card Strips


    These 8” x 1.687" Postmortem Fingerprint Record Cards are specifically designed for use with our Postmortem Cardholder. Our cards are printed in black on select 110 lb. index cardstock which quickly absorbs fingerprint ink without smudging…

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  • Elimination Print Pad

    Elimination Print Pad


    Each Elimination Print Card Pad contains 50 cards which measure 7" x 3.375". Each card is printed on the back side with case number, date, and all pertinent information concerning the subject being fingerprinted.

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  • Criminal Fingerprint Record Cards

    Criminal Fingerprint Record Cards


    These standard 8” x 8” Fingerprint Record Cards are made of select 110 lb. index card stock. Our cards quickly absorb fingerprint ink without smudging or smearing. Flexible yet tough enough to resist creasing and wrinkling, our cards…

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  • Children Fingerprint Record Cards

    Children Fingerprint Record Cards


    These Child Fingerprint Record Cards are used for child fingerprinting programs. The card contains areas for all pertinent information such as child’s race, weight, hair color, and more. Space is also provided for the child’s photogr…

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