Cleaning Solutions - Hands, Slabs, and Rollers

  • Fingerprint Ink Remover Towelettes, pkg of 100

    Fingerprint Ink Remover Towelettes, pkg of 100


    Our individual, disposable Fingerprint Ink Remover Towelettes are ideal for removing fingerprint ink from fingers and hands. Each 5” x 8” towelette is saturated with a specially formulated ink removing solvent and stays moist in a...

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  • Presto® Waterless Hand Cleaner

    Presto® Waterless Hand Cleaner

    Multiple Options Available

    Available in either a cream or spray formula, Presto® Waterless Hand Cleaners require, as the name says, no water. Simply apply the cleaner and wipe off with a cloth or paper towel. Presto® Waterless Hand Cleaner Cream is a pleasantly s…

    $9.24 - $19.06
  • Kleen-Ink® Ink Cleaning Solution

    Kleen-Ink® Ink Cleaning Solution

    Multiple Options Available

    NOW IN SPRAY BOTTLES FOR QUICK AND EASY USE! Our Kleen-Ink® Ink Cleaning Solution is pleasantly scented, nonflammable, and specifically formulated for cleaning fingerprint ink from inking slabs and rollers. The cleaner is extremely mild to …

    $6.20 - $25.73
  • Spray-Away® Slab and Roller Cleaner

    Spray-Away® Slab and Roller Cleaner

    Multiple Options Available

    Spray-Away® contains a fast-acting ink solvent that loosens and removes both fresh and old fingerprint ink from rubber ink rollers and glass or stainless steel inking slabs. Simply spray our cleaner directly on the inked surface and wipe awa…

    $10.92 - $12.34