Latent Print Collection

Our latent print collection products are used for collecting and processing latent prints at a crime scene or in the laboratory. Our various products range from Atomic CRP latent print powder to laboratory fuming chambers.

  • RIDGE Arch Latent Print Kit

    RIDGE Arch Latent Print Kit

      Introducing the Arch Latent Fingerprint Kit, part of our exclusive Ridge line of products designed for forensic professionals by forensic professionals. This basic fingerprint kit provides the convenience of a small, inexpensive kit to...

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  • Latent Print Powder Applicator Mitt  - SwiftLift

    Latent Print Powder Applicator Mitt - SwiftLift

      WHAT USED TO TAKE HOURS NOW TAKES SECONDS! QUICK AND EASY APPLICATION The patent-pending Swift Lift Mitt is the latest breakthrough in latent print recovery. Its ergonomic design allows the investigating officer to dust a large area for latent...

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  • 10X 6 Mode Magnifier, Side view.

    10X Magnifiers - 6 Mode

    These adjustable focus, handheld 10X 6 Mode Magnifiers can be used for viewing fingerprint record cards or in the UV mode for examining latent prints developed using fluorescent fingerprint powders. The unique design provides the user with white,...

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  • TTF Liquid Cyanoacrylate, front of bottle view.

    TTF Liquid Cyanoacrylate - 16 oz - 1 Bottle

    TTF's Liquid Cyanoacrylate can be used in conjunction with our Hot Plate (HP-120) or with an existing heating source or cyanoacrylate fuming chamber to provide users with a fast and effective method of developing latent prints.  

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  • ZAR-PRO Activator Solution - 8 oz.

    ZAR-PRO Activator Solution - 8 oz.

    For Use with ZAR-PRO Fluorescent Blood Lifting Strips Lifts made with ZAR-PRO™ technology are permanent and cannot be smeared or smudged. ZAR-PRO™ Fluorescent Blood Lifting Strips allow the user to clearly and effectively examine impressions...

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  • Glassine Weight and Trace Paper

    Glassine Weight and Trace Paper

      Our Weigh and Trace Papers are smooth, lightweight, and dust-free. The paper is lightweight but strong enough for analytical samples. Available in 3 sizes, 3" x 3", 4" x 4" or 6" x 6". This glassine paper is ideal for evidence collection and...

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  • Ninhydrin Crystals - 25, 100, or 500 grams

    Ninhydrin Crystals - 25, 100, or 500 grams

    For those agencies preferring to mix their own Ninhydrin, we offer three sizes of Ninhydrin Crystals. The ninhydrin method of revealing latent prints is extremely sensitive and provides distinct, contrasting prints. If you have not used this product in...

    $22.95 - $395.00
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  • NEBO® REDLINE® Forensic Light, vertical and horizontal view.

    NEBO® REDLINE® Forensic Light Source

    TRITECHFORENSICS is pleased to offer the innovative NEBO® tactical lighting solutions. These lights are made of anodized aircraft grade aluminum. All of the NEBO lights are completely water-resistant. The compact design of these lights makes them the...

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  • NEBO® REDLINE® OC Forensic  Light Source

    NEBO® REDLINE® OC Forensic Light Source

    The innovative NEBO® tactical lighting solutions are a must-have on the job. These lights are made of anodized aircraft grade aluminum and are completely water-resistant. Among the many great design features of these lights is the magnetic base,...

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  • Nomad NOW Area-Spot Lantern

    Nomad NOW Area-Spot Lantern

    The FoxFury Nomad NOW is a 2,500 lumen, rechargeable LED Area-Spot lantern. Light can be mounted on a tripod, placed on a flat surface, mounted on a wall, or held by hand. This versatile unit provides 12 degree spot lighting or 120 degree area lighting. ...

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  • Nomad Prime/360 Carrying Case

    Nomad Prime/360 Carrying Case

    When you need a powerful, go-anywhere light, think Nomad. The Nomad Prime portable, rechargeable, quick deploying lighting system can go anywhere, including uneven terrain. The all-weather, impact-resistant Nomad Prime can be carried through the worst...

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  • Nomad 360

    Nomad 360

    The FoxFury Nomad 360 is the ultimate LED scene light. It’s portable, rechargeable, self-contained, and gives the option of a 360 degree scene light or a powerful 12 degree spotlight. This 7,000 torch lumen light offers 3-24 hours of light (3 light...

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  • MF-1000 Cyan LED Rechargeable Forensic Light Source

    MF-1000 Cyan LED Rechargeable Forensic Light Source

    The MF-1000 LED Forensic Light Sources are powerful, cord-free, handheld lights with anti-roll heads and a rechargeable battery system. In 2007 they were the first handheld LED flashlights to break the 1,000 lumen barrier. The MF-1000 Series lights...

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