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Criminal identification through DNA testing has become an essential tool for the criminal justice system.  Despite proven advancements in the collection and analysis of DNA, the reliability of DNA samples is being challenged on a regular basis.  In order to overcome these challenges, crime scene investigators must be careful not to allow contaminants from one collection site to move to the next site

How can this be accomplished? The answer is the TEX Magnetic Wand System.  Consisting of a lightweight magnetic stem and a disposable cover, the patented TEX Magnetic Wand System keeps the magnetic stem free from contaminants, giving you the assurance that no impurities will be unknowingly transported from one location to another.


The TEX Magnetic Wand System was designed by a retired Crime Scene Investigator who saw a need for a wand that would eliminate cross contamination of DNA at crime scenes. Years of experience enabled him to design the wand for ease of use as well as efficiency and accuracy. Successful results, once reserved for fingerprint specialists, are now available to officers at any level of experience.

Using the TEX Magnetic Wand System is easy. Simply slide a disposable cover over the magnetic stem and insert the tip into any magnetic powder. The specially calibrated magnet pulls enough powder onto the rounded head of the cover to dust for prints while at the same time preventing extra powder from falling onto your print area or hands. After the area has been dusted, dispose of the cover and any excess powder, keeping the magnetic stem free from contaminants. Your TEX is now ready for the next crime scene.

With several options available, the TEX Magnetic Wand System costs about $1 per use. No other magnetic wand can claim to be both inexpensive and contaminant-free.

Tex Magnetic Wand Covers are available in custom quantities. Please call our customer service representatives for more information (800.438.7884).