Atomic Latent Print Powder

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TRITECH FORENSICS Standard Atomic CRP Latent Print Powders are the best powders you will ever use! Because we manufacture each one in-house, TRITECHFORENSICS has been able to incorporate various refinements into our series of Atomic CRP Powders to assure our customers receive latent powders that are extra "smooth," noncaking, and moisture free.

Our Atomic CRP Powders are extremely sensitive to secretions and provide superior adherence characteristics. We manufacture and package each latent print powder under the highest quality control standards in an environmentally controlled setting. We have also incorporated several innovative and efficient manufacturing procedures resulting in reduced prices for our customers. We offer a wide selection of latent print powder colors to contrast with any color surface where a print is found. To accommodate agencies of every size, we provide our Standard Atomic CRP Latent Print Powders in containers that range from 2 oz. up to 128 oz.

All CRP Latent powders are packaged by volume. The net weight of the contents varies according to the color and composition.