Inking Pads and Sheets

  • Porelon Fingerprint Pads

    Porelon Fingerprint Pads

    Multiple Options Available

      TRITECHFORENSICS' Porelon® Fingerprint Pads will take thousands of fingerprints and are always ready for use. The stored ink rises to the surface of the microreticulated thermoplastic resin pad by means of capillary action. Nontoxic…

    $12.02 - $35.65
  • Semi- Inkless Fingerprint Pads, Contents view.

    Semi-Inkless Fingerprint Pads

    Multiple Options Available

    Tri-Tech Forensics Semi-Inkless Fingerprint Pads are available in five different models and will take thousands of fingerprints. The polyethylene micron plastic pad is impregnated with a nontoxic, nonfading permanent black fingerp…

    $8.72 - $24.62
  • Perfect Ink Fingerprint Pads

    Perfect Ink Fingerprint Pads

    Multiple Options Available

      Perfect Ink® Fingerprint Pads contain a ceramic pad which is impregnated with a fast-drying, non-smearing, permanent, black semi-inkless ink. The ceramic pad will not deteriorate with use and the nontoxic ink can be easily removed by…

    $10.40 - $72.71
  • Ready Ridge Fingerprint Rehydration Solution

    Ready Ridge Fingerprint Rehydration Solution

    Multiple Options Available

    TRITECHFORENSICS' Ready Ridge Fingerprint Rehydration Solution produces better ridge detail for the fingerprinting of both living and deceased individuals with faster results using a patent-pending rehydration technology developed by KDL Solutio…

    $7.30 - $31.50
  • Ceramic Fingerprinting Pads

    Ceramic Fingerprinting Pads

    Multiple Options Available

    Tri-Tech Forensics low-cost Ceramic Fingerprint Pads contain a fast-drying, nonsmearing, permanent ink. The ceramic pads do not deteriorate with use, and the nontoxic, law enforcement grade ink is easily removed by simply wiping the subject's fi…

    $9.24 - $57.91
  • Disposable Fingerprint Inking Sheets

    Disposable Fingerprint Inking Sheets

    Multiple Options Available

    Our Disposable Fingerprint Inking Sheets consist of two pre-inked sheets of .010” acetate sandwiching a thin, even layer of fingerprint ink. Each sheet measures 1.5" H x 5" W or 6" H x 10" W. Package of 100 sheets. To use the pre-inked sh…

    $14.86 - $93.00
  • Fingerprint Ridge Builder

    Fingerprint Ridge Builder

    Multiple Options Available

    TRITECHFORENSICS' Fingerprint Ridge Builder is used to add definition and clarity to fingerprint ridges, permitting you to obtain readable prints from the elderly, subjects with poor ridge structure, or subjects who work with their hands, such a…

    $9.95 - $34.95
  • Postmortem Porelon Pad Inking Tool

    Postmortem Porelon Pad Inking Tool


    Our metal Postmortem Cardholder is designed to securely hold postmortem fingerprint record card strips in place while taking prints from deceased subjects. Our metal Postmortem Inking Tool is provided with a 1.5” x 2” Porelon® Pa…

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