Inking Pads and Sheets

  • Semi- Inkless Fingerprint Pads

    Semi- Inkless Fingerprint Pads

    TRITECHFORENSICS' Semi-Inkless Fingerprint Pads are available in five different models and will take thousands of fingerprints. The polyethylene micron plastic pad is impregnated with a nontoxic, nonfading permanent black fingerprint ink that dries...

    $6.95 - $19.95
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  • Porelon Fingerprint Pads

    Porelon Fingerprint Pads

      TRITECHFORENSICS' Porelon® Fingerprint Pads will take thousands of fingerprints and are always ready for use. The stored ink rises to the surface of the microreticulated thermoplastic resin pad by means of capillary action. Nontoxic,...

    $9.75 - $21.25
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  • Perfect Ink Fingerprint Pads

    Perfect Ink Fingerprint Pads

      Perfect Ink® Fingerprint Pads contain a ceramic pad which is impregnated with a fast-drying, non-smearing, permanent, black semi-inkless ink. The ceramic pad will not deteriorate with use and the nontoxic ink can be easily removed by rubbing...

    $8.45 - $54.00
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  • Ceramic Fingerprinting Pads

    Ceramic Fingerprinting Pads

    TRITECHFORENSICS' low-cost Ceramic Fingerprint Pads contain a fast-drying, nonsmearing, permanent ink. The ceramic pads do not deteriorate with use, and the nontoxic, law enforcement grade ink is easily removed by simply wiping the subject's fingers...

    $7.50 - $47.00
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