Disposable Fingerprint Inking Sheets

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Our Disposable Fingerprint Inking Sheets consist of two pre-inked sheets of .010” acetate sandwiching a thin, even layer of fingerprint ink. Each sheet measures 1.5" H x 5" W or 6" H x 10" W. Package of 100 sheets.

To use the pre-inked sheets, simply peel back the top sheet of acetate to expose the ink. Resting the sheet on a smooth, flat surface, roll the subject’s finger(s) on the bottom sheet and record the prints as you would using any other inking system. The black ink is quick drying and quickly absorbs into any type of record card.

Advantages of Disposable Sheet:
Easy to use - Pre-inked, no rollers, no slabs, completely disposable.
Excellent Reproduction - Ultra-black, non-fading, quick drying, permanent fingerprint ink.
Reusable - Simply fold the sheet together, press firmly on a flat surface, and the sheet is re-inked for additional use.