Keson Pocket Rod

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We are proud to distribute these Keson Pocket Rods to our forensic customers. While they may look like standard tape measures, in actuality each of these tools are a rigid height gauge that are designed to roll into a housing that looks like a tape measure. And though you can pull the tape out part way and use it like a roll tape, its uniqueness and functionality comes from pulling the tape completely out of its case creating a stable rule for vertical measurements.

The rule itself is nearly 1” wide and comes in two reading varieties, fractional and metric. The fractional model shows black graphics on the inner/concave side of the rule and red graphics on the other side. Major increments, inches and feet, are labeled with graduations reading down to the 1/8”, for the entirety of its 6 1/2’ length. The metric model is very similar; the red graphics are inside on the concave side this time, with black graphics on the other side. This unit reads in centimeters with 1/10th meter labels, all the way up to 2 meters.

The ruler itself is a steel blade with a Tecron-tuff coating so that it is weather and moisture resistant. The end is a heavy-duty hook that reads at true zero. Using the rule as a height rod, the Keson Rod nearly stands up on its own. Just put a little weight on the hook, like stepping on it with your foot, and it stands up firm and true.


6.5 ft - Feet/10ths/100th
6.5 ft - Feet/Inches/1/8ths
2 m - Meter/1/10 m/1/2 cm