Victim Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit - Blood Tube

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Victim Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits Blood Tubes are sold in cases of 13. Developed to provide consistent, thorough evidence in cases of suspected sexual assault. They are available with either one blood tube in the RE-1MS or with a filter-paper blood collection card in the RE-1MS(FS), which eliminates the need to keep the kit refrigerated after specimen collection.

Due to the sensitive nature of these Evidence Collection Kits, TRITECHFORENSICS does not list their components online. For additional information and a complete list of kit components or for information on creating a customized evidence collection kit, please chat with one of our customer service representatives at 800.438.7884 (USA only), or e-mail us at

Quantity: 13 kits/case

* A partial case of 5 kits is also available for purchase.