Advanced Tire and Footprint Dental Stone Casting Kit

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Our Advanced Tire and Footprint Dental Stone Casting Kit contains all the necessary components for making detailed dental stone reproductions of impressions found in sand, mud, dirt, and snow, along with items to properly mark the casts as collected evidence. The Dental Stone Casting Material provides you with a casting of unbelievable strength - so strong that the 3” x 5” wire cast reinforcement mesh used in our Advanced Tire and Footprint Plaster Casting Kit is not required.

Kit Components:

1 ea. Copolymer Carrying Case, 19" L x 11.5" W x 10.5" H 1 ea. 9 lbs. Dental Stone Casting Material 1 ea. 64 oz. Dust, Sand, and Dirt Hardener Solution
1 ea. 8 oz. Hardener Solution Spray Bottle 1 ea. 8 oz. Pump Head Cleaning Solution 1 ea. 6.56 oz. Snow Impression Wax Hardener Aerosol
1 ea. 11.5 oz. Acrylic Sand and Dirt Hardener Aerosol 4 ea. Flexible Mixing Bowl (S, M, L, and XL) 1 ea. 8 oz. Casting Dams Molding Clay
1 ea. 64 oz. Water Container (empty) 1 ea. 9 oz. Casting Release Spray Aerosol 1 ea. Cast Cleaning Brush
1 ea. Mixing Spatula 1 ea. 16' Tape Measure 1 ea. Footprint Casting Frame
25 ea. Evidence Tags with ties 1 ea. Evidence Marking Crayon, black 1 ea. Pipette
3 ea. Plastic Trowels (S, M, and L) 1 ea. Kit Instruction Sheet