Evidence Bags - 100/pkg

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5'' x 8"
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Our tough, tamper-evident Evidence Bags have a self-sealing adhesive strip that forms an instantaneous and permanent seal, making it impossible to reopen the bags without destroying them. A border pattern is printed around the edges to prevent the opening of the bag from the sides. Puncture and tear resistant, our large evidence bags are made of a clear 4 mil polyethylene material, providing strength and allowing the investigator to view the contents of the evidence bag.

The write-on areas include space for names, contents, chain of custody, and crime lab information. We are sure you will find these Evidence Collection and Security Bags to be an excellent value.


  • Self-sealing

  • Tamper-evident

  • Strong - 4 mil thick, tear and puncture resistant

  • White write-on area with chain of custody

  • Transparent for viewing bag contents
Tear-off receipt for investigating officer 

  • Preprinted control numbers on bag and investigating officer's receipt