aLOKSAK Bags - 3/pkg - Small, Medium, Large

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Electronics, firearms, and documents are damaged from exposure to the environment. aLOKSAK® is the only re-sealable, flexible container offering protection from all the elements. The patented, light-weight storage system prevents air, humidity, water, dust, and sand from harming your evidence. A Federal Agency has a requirement for aLOKSAK® liquid/air tight storage bags to be utilized for the collection, over-packing, and transportation of biological, chemical, or radiological evidence as required at various investigation sites throughout the country. aLOKSAK® bags have met the required specifications by this Federal Agency.

The aLOKSAK® bags have been tested to be waterproof to 200 meters and are comprised of a thicker plastic material than other "Ziploc" type bags. This thicker nature of the bags and proof to be waterproof is needed in an environment where containment of the material is necessary. Potentially hazardous, if not deadly, material will be placed in these bags; the aLOKSAK® bags have been proven to be reliable.

Small: 4.4" x 7.25" (11.2 x 18.4 cm)

Medium:  8.75" x 6" (22.2 x 15.2 cm)

Large: 12" x 12.50" (30.5 x 31.8 cm)

• Hermetic Seal, an absolute airtight seal preventing the re-entry of air and micro-organisms
• Made in the USA
• Holds 5 patents
• Protects against microscopic particles like dust and sand
• Recyclable and reusable

Technical Specs:
• FDA and NSA Approved Medical Grade Materials for food and biohazard storage
• Comprised of .6 mil new generation film
• Dart Impact greater than 850 grams
• Tinsel Strength rated to 6,250 PSI
• Scuba Schools International approved waterproof up to 200 feet
• Tested and Approved by U.S. Navy Experimental Diving Unit and SSI
• Durable 6 mil film has a "cold-crack" tolerance to -50 F/-45 C, far lower than that of PVC or vinyl
• No BPA, based on information from our raw materials suppliers and made in good faith