Presumptive Drug Testing Tools and Supplies

  • Drug Recognition Card and Pupilometer

    Drug Recognition Card and Pupilometer

    Our 3" x 5" Drug Recognition and Classification Card is printed on translucent plastic and comes in a sturdy, black leatherette case.The chart lists reactions to various classes of drugs. The pupil gauge ranges from 1.0 mm to 9.0 mm in 0.5 mm increments...

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  • Calibration Weight

    Calibration Weight

    Law Enforcement professionals routinely weigh seized illegal drugs because criminal drug charges are usually based on the weight.We are now offering our customers an affordable way to accurately measure illegal substances in the field and to shorten the...

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  • Disposable Pipettes

    Disposable Pipettes

    These Disposable Pipettes are used for the collection and dispensing of liquid samples into the MMC test ampoules for the testing of GHB, GBL, and liquid XTC, etc.

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