Sawtooth® Write-On EVIDENCE Tape (Red & White) WITH SPLIT BACKING - 5 rolls/case

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Our Write-On Split Backing Sawtooth® Evidence Tape has a white write-on strip on which a description of the sealed evidence can be written using a pen or permanent marker. For use at a crime scene or in a laboratory setting, our Write-On Sawtooth® Evidence Tape is a generous 1.25" wide and comes on a 108' roll in a dispenser box. No struggling to separate the tape from the tape backing! The end of the tape "pops up" out of the box and away from the liner each time you use it.

This Write-On Sawtooth® Evidence Tape is the most sensitive, tamper-indicating acetate tape available. If physical removal is attempted, the sawtooth edges will tear, while chemical tampering causes the solvent-sensitive dye to dissolve and smear. The permanent adhesive and instantaneous cure time make our tape excellent for sealing all types of evidence containers.

Available in red and white; other colors available on request by emailing or calling 1-800-438-7884.