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The new Forensic-Swab Trace Evidence Collection Swab is suited for the collection of both reference samples and evidence of DNA traces at crime scenes.

The ventilation membrane in the tube base enables self-drying of the swab within the tube. Drying of the swab outside the tube as in standard systems becomes unnecessary, thereby excluding the risk of mix-up and contamination.

The EtO sterilization method was specially developed to comply with the requirements of forensic analysis, including most stringent purity conditions in the production process, ensuring the absence of DNA collection.

The Forensic-Swab is produced under stringent hygienic purity conditions. The completely assembled swab is individually wrapped, and the final product is subjected to a special EtO sterilization procedure developed for forensic applications.

With a test procedure based on a detection limit of 0.023ng DNA/µl extracted volume, absence of DNA is now guaranteed. A 62bp amplicon also enables the detection of partly degraded DNA (target gene: human telomerase reverse transcriptase (5p 15.33), single-copy gene).

The Forensic-Swab is packaged in a transport tube with a ventilation membrane. This ventilation membrane ensures a self-drying process in the tube and also protects the swab from contaminants. A dry swab prevents bacteria and mildew growth, which make analysis impossible and destroy the sample.