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The Tri-Tech Forensics Discovery Division provides law enforcement and law firms involved in legal or criminal matters with digital forensic support. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality expertise in investigating, gathering, preserving, analyzing, and converting digital data into comprehensible evidence with maximum value for use in court.




Our Services

Computer Forensics
Save time and quickly obtain the specific evidence you need from a computer’s memory. Our team will extract, analyze, and report computer data from any PC, Mac, or Linux computer. Our acquisition services can also assist with devices such as external hard drives, memory cards, thumb drives, digital cameras, and any other devices that are capable of connecting to a computer system and storing data. ​


Mobile Forensics
The ubiquitous nature and connectivity of mobile devices provide ample opportunities to gather forensic evidence. Our team uses state-of-the-art data acquisition tools to collect various sources of evidence such as text message, pictures, video, Internet history, and more. We offer recovery, inspection, and reporting services for stored data on any mobile device such as cell phones, smart phones, and tablets. ​


Data Preservation
In order to maintain accuracy and validity of evidence presented during legal proceedings, our team of examiners has been trained to preserve collected data in its original form. Whether you are representing a single client or dealing with a large scale situation within a company, our team has the necessary tools to capture the data in its purest form, create the forensic image, and preserve the data for later use. 


Legal Consultation
​Litigation in all forms is an involved process that requires the support of various digital media and electronic evidence. Our team of professionals has the necessary training and experience to review your case and ensure that forensic investigative methodologies have been strictly adhered to.


Professional Services for Digital Case Management
​We are excited to offer installation and training services for Lima, an end-to-end case management software for digital forensic agencies.


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