Gunshot Residue Evidence Collection

  • GSR Custom Kit

    Thank you for your interest in our custom GSR kits.  Looking for your completed custom kit?  To order a completed custom GSR kit, please call us at 800.438.7884 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm (US Eastern Standard Time) Monday through Friday,...

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  • Paper Sheets - 20/pkg

    Our disposable paper sheet allows the collecting officer to set up and work from a clean surface at a crime scene and prevents environmental contamination. When opened, these sheets measure 40”L x 48”W. Our paper sheets are supplied in a ziplock bag to...

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  • Surface GSR Collection Kit - 4 Stub - 10/case

    Agencies are now collecting GSR from surfaces other than a suspected shooter’s hands. Our GSR-SEM/SUR(C) Surface Collection Kit is designed for this purpose and simplifies collection, assuring the crime laboratory receives GSR samples that are clearly...

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  • Hand Bagging Kit - 50/pkg

    Our Hand Bagging Kits are used to “bag” the hand of a decedent when suicide is suspected. The bagging of the hands prevents the loss of GSR from hands while the body is being transported to the medical examiner’s office. The kit consists of 50 white...

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  • SEM Collection Devices

      These are the same SEM collection devices used in all of our SEM Gunshot Residue Evidence Collection Kits. Available in Standard, Q-Stub or D-Stub. Each vial contains a SEM stub covered with a double-sided adhesive carbon tape and a blank...

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  • GSR Collection Kit- 4 Stub, 12 Swab - 10/case

      The GSR-AA/SEM(C) is a combination kit. Kit Components 1 ea. Tamper-evident, pre-sealed Kit Envelope, 6” x 9” 1 ea. Step-by-step Kit Instruction Sheet 1 ea. Gunshot Residue Analysis Information Form 1 ea. Pair of disposable Plastic...

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  • GSR Collection Kit - 12 Swab - 10/case

    The GSR-AA is designed for agencies whose crime laboratories use Atomic Absorption as their method of GSR analysis. Like all of our kits, the GSR-AA is provided with all necessary components for GSR collection. Kit Components: 1 ea. Tamper-evident,...

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  • GSR Collection Kit - 4 Stub

    The GSR-SEM(C) Gunshot Residue Collection Kit is designed for law enforcement agencies whose crime laboratories use SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) as their method of GSR analysis and request "Right Back", "Left Back", "Right Palm", and "Left Palm"...

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  • GSR Collection Kit - 2 Stub - 10/case

    The GSR-2SEM contains two SEM collection devices labeled "Right Hand" and "Left Hand" and is designed for agencies whose crime laboratories perform GSR analysis by SEM on two collection stubs. Kit Components: 1 ea. Tamper-evident, pre-sealed Kit...

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