Amido Black

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Amido Black is useful for enhancing latent prints contaminated with blood, but it will not successfully develop a normal perspiration-based print. Although it will not detect the typical chemical components of latent prints, Amido Black is very sensitive to the proteins found in blood and some other body fluids. It leaves a blue-black stain and is usable on both porous and nonporous surfaces.

SKU Product Size
PF15010-25g Amido Black Powder 25g
PF30004-500mL Amido Black Methanol Base 500mL
PF30004-1L Amido Black Methanol Base 1L
PF30008-500mL Amido Black Aqueous 500mL
PF30008-1L Amido Black Aqueous 1L
PF30006-500mL Amido Black Methanol Rinse 500mL
PF30006-1L Amido Black Methanol Rinse  1L