Bio-Foam® Impression Foam

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Bio-Foam® Impression Foam provides an easy, clean, and efficient way to obtain an impression of suspected footwear. Instead of having to ink and roll a shoe, as is done in fingerprinting, it is now possible to obtain a three-dimensional exemplar of the footwear. Bio-Foam® Impression Foam is simple to use and does not get the footwear dirty; either have the suspect step into the foam or press the shoe evenly into the foam. The result is a clean and crisp impression which can be used for comparison purposes.

Bio-Foam® Impression Foam is available in either single (1 shoe) or double (2 shoe) versions. The blue foam is provided in sturdy cardboard boxes with easy open, easy close lids, providing built-in storage for the impressions. Each Bio-Foam® Impression Foam box measures 14" x 6" x 2.25".