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The Mission Darkness BlockBox Mobile Lab is a ground breaking portable RF en­closure. As the rugged case opens, a metal tray and hoop fold out from the bottom storage compartment creating the structure, along with the high-shield­ing fabric liner which snaps in place, expanding the volume of the shielded enclo­sure to its full capacity. The RF liner is completely and rapidly replaceable, even in a field setting. The Mobile Lab is portable, expandable, weatherproof, and modu­lar, features that do not exist in the same configuration with any other product. 

The Mission Darkness BlockBox Mobile Lab is designed specifically for military operatives and law enforcement forensic investigators to interrogate and extract information from mobile devices such as laptops, cell phones, tablets, and additional small electronics in the field or lab. The product features two conductive gloves to operate devices inside, a viewing window, an AC power strip, and two USB ports for extracting data at high speeds, allow­ing full investigations on electronic devices while remaining RF shielded. 



o   Completely isolates devices - blocks WiFi (2.4 & 5GHz), Bluetooth, cell signals, GPS, RFID, and radio signals with 60dB-80dB average attenuation

o   Full forensic analysis enclosure for operating devices and extracting info

o   Large shielded interior space with expanding liner

o   Fits multiple cell phones, tablets, and even laptops

o   Built-in conductive gloves for device manipulation and touch screen use

o   Filtered AC Power and 2 USB ports

o   Viewing Window

o   Rapidly replaceable liner constructed of two layers of high-shielding fabric with dual paired seam construction

o   Replacement Liner ($475.00) Sold Separately - Please call us at 800-438-7884 x 7943 for a replacement.

o   Cinch string closure for introducing varying sized devices

o   Fold-out tray for added work area and device support

o   Pelican case is lightweight, airtight, waterproof, crushproof, dustproof, and chemical resistant

o   Designed for mobile lab use; can be easily transported to different locations and used on remote sites

o   Devices can stay shielded inside of the case for transport, even when folded and closed completely