Bluestar Magnum Formula Bloodstain Reagent


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Since its introduction in Europe in early 2001, Bluestar Forensic has become the latent bloodstain reagent of choice for crime scene investigators. Bluestar is the most sensitive latent bloodstain reagent on the market. Invisible bloodstains produce an intense blue chemiluminescence (420 to 440 nanometer range) immediately after being sprayed with Bluestar. Compared to traditional luminol reagent, Bluestar is three times brighter, is luminescent longer and is visible to the naked eye in semidarkness.


  • Stronger luminescence
  • Longer lasting reaction
  • Higher sensitivity (down to 1/1000)
  • Total darkness not required
  • Photos shot with ordinary camera
  • Fully soluble
  • Stable over time
  • Easy to use
  • Non-toxic
  • Odorless

Magnum Formula Bluestar is recommended for use on miscellaneous items, surfaces, or clothing that have been washed. Once a bloodstain has been located, the area can be sprayed again and again for further observation and photographing. Photographs can be taken with either a digital or a traditional camera, eliminating the need for expensive and sophisticated cameras and light sources. Unlike other latent bloodstain chemiluminescence sprays, Bluestar does not adversely affect DNA. After the stain has been located and photographed, samples of the bloodstain can be collected and submitted to your crime laboratory for DNA typing. Preparing Bluestar is simple and straightforward; simply tear open the foil pouch containing the two Bluestar tablets and drop the tablets into a spray bottle containing 125 ml of distilled water. Within two to three minutes, the tablets will dissolve, and Bluestar is ready for use. Best results are obtained when Bluestar is used within three hours after mixing.