Bode SecurSwab DUO-V

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The Bode SecurSwab DUO-V is a complete collection system that uses SecurSwab technology to optimize evidence sample collection. Containing 2 cotton-tipped swabs that enable the user to perform both wet and dry sample collection for forensic evidence, the Bode SecurSwab DUO-V includes components for collection, preservation and drying, protection, tracking, and transport. This unique swab system allows for a complete, fast, and reliable collection. Each DUO-V is individually foil wrapped for an additional layer of security.

The SecurSwab DUO-V contains 2 swabs for both wet and dry collection and integrated desiccants for drying samples. The SecurSwab DUO-V also contains 2 integrated desiccants; each desiccant is 1 gram in weight, and they are positioned to surround the swab head for quicker drying. A fully saturated swab dries in LESS than 6 hours. Unique, matching barcode labels are provided with each collector to label the SecurSwab Collector, the DNA Collection Transport Pouch, and any other documentation for effective Chain of Custody.

Key Features:

  • Recovers the most DNA
  • Does not require air drying
  • Protects against contamination
  • Provides secure and easy transport
  • Reduces time and cost of collection
  • Certified to be free of Human DNA and DNase Free
  • Tested and certified to be free of human DNA and the contaminating enzyme DNase.
  • 100 included / per case