Buccal, Saliva Swabs and Supplies

  • FAB-MINI-AP Cotton Tipped Applicator - 50/pk

    This DNA controlled absorbent cotton tipped applicator is produced with High Quality USP grade cotton which is carded and coiled onside to maintain consistency. It is bonded securely to a polystyrene handle. The convenient, reclosable, dry transport...

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  • iScreen 5 - 25/pkg

    The iScreen Oral Fluid Drug Screen makes drug screening simple with the mouth and gum swab built into one unit. Five and six panel drug configurations are offered, providing easy-to-read results. A photocopy template is included for recording results...

    $262.50 - $287.50
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  • Swab Protectors (25)

    Our swab protectors allow you to package and protect swabs from cross-contamination even if time does not permit air drying the swab at the time of collection. Simply slide the protector up the swab shaft until the swab bulb is covered and protected...

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  • Sterile Omni-Swabs- 100/box

    • A non-invasive device for collection of saliva and buccal cells. • Unique brush-like swab head composed of a non-reactive absorbent filter paper easily ejects from the stem of the swab for transfer of samples into tubes and multi-well...

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  • Sterile Foam Tipped Swabs - 50/box

    • Non-abrasive device for the collection of saliva and buccal cells to be transferred to FTA cards • Plastic shaft measures 5" • Foam tip measures .902" x 1.125" • Sterilized and individually wrapped

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