Bloodstain Identification

  • Presumptive Blood Tests - SERO-TEST - 100 strips/pkg

    Our SERO-TEST Presumptive Blood Tests are a fast and easy way to presumptively identify blood at a crime scene. They are firm plastic strips with a patch on one end that contains the test reagents. This test is based upon the principle of the peroxidase...

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  • Presumptive Blood Test Kit and Refills

      Phenolphthalein is one of the most commonly used chemicals in the field and forensics laboratory to indicate the presence of blood. Our Phenolphthalein Presumptive Blood Test Kit is useful in the field to determine if a suspected reddish-brown...

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  • Presumptive Blood ID Kit - HEXAGON OBTI

      Unlike other presumptive field bloodstain test kits, Hexagon OBTI distinguishes HUMAN blood from ANIMAL blood, and therefore eliminates the time involved in collecting non-relevant bloodstains and waiting weeks for laboratory results. The...

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  • Bluestar Magnum Formula Bloodstain Reagent

    Since its introduction in Europe in early 2001, Bluestar Forensic has become the latent bloodstain reagent of choice for crime scene investigators. Bluestar is the most sensitive latent bloodstain reagent on the market. Invisible bloodstains produce an...

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