Momentum T3000 Digital Forensic Workstation

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The TRITECH Digital FORENSICS Momentum T3000 Digital Forensics Workstation is designed with the forensics investigator in mind and features award-winning technology in our motherboards and industry-leading desktop processors. Check out the new configuration below!

The high-performance Momentum Digital Forensics Workstations are designed and optimized to support today’s demanding digital forensics environments and are built using specially engineered cases which reduce noise levels and maintain system cooling.

The Momentum T3000 is intended to be bundled together with our line of direct connect tower storage units (see Recommended Products, right, for information on our line of storage towers). We offer a discount when bundling a Workstation and Storage Tower, and we welcome the opportunity to provide a quote for the units of your choice.

Our systems are thoroughly tested for reliability and performance and come with a 1 year warranty on parts and labor and lifetime phone support.


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TRITECH Digital FORENSICS is proud to be partners with and resellers of the two leading forensics software companies in the world. We offer both AccessData and Guidance software and can help you in purchasing additional licenses or transferring existing licenses to your new unit. Our systems are fully compatible with all current versions as well as backwards compatible to previous versions of our partners’ software. If you are not on the current version, we can provide you a quote for an updated version for your consideration.

Our Momentum Digital Forensics Workstations come with integrated Tableau T35689iu or WiebeTECH LabDock Forensics Bridges. With this configuration, you can count on decreasing your data processing time and increasing the uptime of your system.

The Tableau T35689iu is the industry standard forensics write-blocking bridge. It supports IDE, SATA, SAS, USB 3.0, or FireWire 400/800.

The WiebeTECH Forensics LabDock meets and exceeds all standards in write-blocking bridges. It supports IDE, USB, eSATA, or FireWire.