Digi-Guard Signal Blocking Faraday Pouch

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The new TRITECHFORENSICS Digi-Guard Signal Blocking Faraday Pouches secure portable transceivers from RF and microwave interference and/or emissions. They allow the law enforcement officer to preserve digital evidence on cell phones, PDAs, smart phones, laptops, and GPS units by preventing such devices from logging onto an active network. Using our Digi-Guard Signal Blocking Faraday Pouches enables data on portable devices to be secured on-site. Field tests have shown 99.99% average signal attenuation.

Lightweight and flexible, the TRITECHFORENSICS Digi-Guard Signal Blocking Faraday Pouches are made to absorb and reflect signals from entering or leaving electronic devices. They are made with a double layer of conductive silver/copper/nickel RoHS compliant material, which is proven to cancel out all signals to the device, keeping the integrity of the evidence data safe and ready to examine.

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Unlike other bags, Digi-Guard pouches are reusable and have double-fold Velcro closures, making them very cost-effective. Our Digi-Guard Signal Blocking Faraday Pouches are available in several different sizes to ensure that an investigator can secure any evidence that may be found at a crime scene.

These bags are also offered in several different styles. In addition to a traditional design, we offer a Digi-Guard Touch Screen Signal Blocking Faraday Pouch with see-through window that allows the investigator to analyze the device while it is still secured inside the bag.

With our varied line of TRITECHFORENSICS Digi-Guard Signal Blocking Faraday Pouches, we can supply you with a pouch to fit your specific needs.

• Reusable Pouch with Double-Fold Velcro Closure
• Double Layer of Conductive Silver/Copper/Nickel RoHS Compliant Material
• Affixed Plastic Sleeve with 10 Evidence Card Inserts
• See-Through Material with Touch Screen Window (Dimensions: 5.375” x 7”) and Foam Insert
• USB Connection for On-Site Data Collection
• Included Cables: USB A to B (External) and USB A to Micro B (Internal) Note: Other internal cables can be used but aren’t supplied with this product.
• Interior Dimensions: 10.75” x 14” x 3”
• Ideal Size For: Smart Phones with Capacitive Sensing Touch Screens (e.g., iPhones), Tablets (e.g., iPad, Galaxy, etc), or GPS Units