DNA Blood Stain Specimen Collection Kit - BOX version

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Several years ago a high-profile case, which drew the attention of the media, was lost because of improper bloodstain collection procedures and poor chain of custody of the samples collected at the crime scenes. The TRITECHFORENSICS DNA Bloodstain Collection Kit is designed to eliminate these problems. Each kit is supplied with a detailed, step-by-step instruction sheet which eliminates confusion at the time of collection, ensures proper chain of custody, and provides the crime laboratory with properly collected, preserved, and clearly identifiable samples for analysis. 

Kit Components

1 ea. Kit Shipping Box, 6" L x 4.75" W x 2.5" H)
1 ea. Kit Instruction Sheet/FDA Insert
1 ea. Pair of Nitrile Barrier Gloves
1 ea. Distilled Water Dispenser for collection of dry blood samples
1 ea. Police Evidence Seal for resealing kit envelope after specimen collection
5 ea. Sterile, cotton-tipped 3" Swabs (2/pkg)
5 ea. Swab Boxes
5 ea. Swab Box Envelopes to prevent cross-contamination

Quantity: 25 kits per case

Also available in an envelope version: DNA Blood Stain Evidence Collection Kit - Envelope Version.