Fingernail and Fingertip Swabbing Evidence Collection Kit - 25/case

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Our Fingernail and Fingertip Swabbing Evidence Collection Kit is used in cases when the victim states he/she scratched the assailant's skin, but there is no visible debris noted under the victim's fingernails.

Simply moisten the swabs with the distilled water provided in the kit, then thoroughly swab under the victim's nails. The moistened swab will collect any trace amounts of the assailant's DNA. When the kit is submitted to the crime laboratory, the collected DNA is extracted from the swab bulbs then compared to the assailant's known DNA.

Kit Components

• 1 ea. Tamper-evident, pre-sealed Kit Envelope, 5.5" x 7.5"

• 1 ea. Kit Instruction Sheet

• 2 ea. Sterile, cotton-tipped Swabs (2/pkg)

• 1 ea. 5 cc Sterile Water

• 1 ea. Right-Hand Swab Box

• 1 ea. Left-Hand Swab Box

• 1 ea. Tamper-evident Police Evidence Seal for resealing kit envelope after specimen collection