Hemident Presumptive Blood ID Kit

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Used for the presumptive identification of bloodstains, Hemident is nondestructive and enables the investigator to retain the evidence intact for further laboratory analysis. Each test is a compact, self-contained unit, consisting of two ampoules within a plastic pouch.

To use Hemident, simply swab the suspected blood stain/drop with a cotton-tipped swab (swab bulb may be moistened with water if suspected blood is dry). Next, open the Hemident Pouch and insert swab in the center of the harness, breaking off the head of the swab. Close pouch, break left ampoule by squeezing, and agitate pouch to wet swab. Break right ampoule and agitate. If mammal blood is present, a blue-green color will appear within a few seconds. The reagents are capable of identifying down to one part per million of blood.

Hemident was designed for field test use and, as such, will not distinguish between human and animal blood. Laboratory analysis is necessary to determine the source of the blood.