Hydro-Print Wet Latent Print Developer Kit, Black, White, or Both

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Hydro-Print (Small Paricle Reagent) is specifically formulated for developing latent prints found outdoors on wet or damp surfaces such as automobiles, glass windows, plastic, or even oxidized metal surfaces.

We offer three different Hydro-Print Kits; two of them include one bottle of Hydro-Print Spray (your choice of either black or white) while the last offers two bottles of Hydro-Prints Spray (one bottle of each color).

Each kit contains all components necessary for developing latent prints on wet surfaces, along with a detailed instruction sheet.

Kit Components

1 ea. Copolymer Carrying Case, 12.125" L x 7.25" W x 5.5" H
1 ea. Hydro-Print Spray, 16 oz., white, black,or white and black
1 ea. Spray Rinse Water Bottle (empty)
20 ea. Nitrile Barrier Gloves
1 ea. Kit Instruction Sheet


Using Hydro-Print is simple: add approximately 16 oz./500 ml of either tap or distilled water to the Hydro-Print spray bottle which contains the Small Particle Reagent, then shake the bottle to assure a homogeneous solution. When Hydro-Print is sprayed on the surface where you suspect prints may be found, Hydro-Print will adhere to the oils found in fingerprints. Once the print has been developed, it should be photographed. After the print has dried, it can be lifted using tape or a hinged lifter.

Hydro-Print can also be used for developing latent prints on the "sticky side" of duct and packaging tape. Begin by mounting the tape, sticky side out, on a glass, plastic, or metal plate, then develop the print using Hydro-Print. After photographs have been taken, cover and protect the developed print by affixing lifing tape or the cover of a hinged lifter to the tape.

Hydro-Print is most effective if used within six months of manufactured date. It should be stored in a cool, dark place.