Invisible Thief Detection Powder, 2oz

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White, stains Bright Blue
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Our nontoxic Thief Detection Powders are used to trap thieves. These powders are usually applied to articles subject to theft or tampering such as currency, paper money, alarm boxes, cash drawers, etc. 

The color of the powder selected should be compatible to the surface color of the article being treated. Upon direct contact with the article, the suspect can be easily identified by the incriminating stain on his/her hands. The special dye formulation actually intensifies and spreads once the thief attempts to wash off the stain. Usually the stain remains on the hands and clothing for days, even after several attempts to wash it off.

When exposed to a long wave UV lamp (black light), these detection powders have a powerfully brilliant fluorescent quality impervious to washing. They are supplied in a variety of natural colors to blend with nearly any background to eliminate visual detection by the perpetrator.

Our Thief Detection Pastes and Powders are available in two ounce volume jars packaged by volume. The net weight of the contents varies according to the color and composition.

Notice: This item can be purchased by law enforcement agencies or private investigators only.

These fluorescent detection powders are manufactured in our laboratories solely for the purpose of criminal detection. Our powders also provide excellent adhesive properties assuring transfer from the treated article to the suspect's hands or clothing. These Invisible Detection Powders are recommended for indoor application and are supplied in two ounce volume jars.