LE-10 Inkless Fingerprinting System

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Inkless fingerprinting can be achieved by using this two-step system that produces high-contrast black fingerprints on any type of 8” x 8” record card. Prints taken with this system are accepted by the FBI for classification, search, and retention.

This portable system is especially useful in obtaining prints for background checks from people applying for employment with government agencies, security companies, investment firms, hospitals, and banks.

Operation is simple, straightforward, and clean. First, roll the subject’s fingers on the built-in pad which is impregnated with a clear liquid that adheres to the subject’s fingers, then roll the subject’s fingers on the record card. Second, place the record card into the built-in developing chamber, wait 45 seconds, then remove the developed fingerprint card.

Components and Features
LE-10K Inkless Fingerprinting Portable Kit
• Provided in a durable carrying case containing one replacement pad, five replacement developer sheets, 1 box of 500 Re-Print Tabs, and 1 training CD

LE-10 Inkless Fingerprinting System
• Provided with 1 replacement pad and 5 developer sheets

Replacement Pad
• 500 prints per pad, 100 developed print cards per developer sheet