LIMA Forensic Case Management Software

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Lima Forensic Case Management Software enables digital forensic and eDiscovery practices - regardless of size - to operate efficiently and effectively through its comprehensive end-to-end case management system. Lima is simple to use and yet utilizes a disciplined and exacting process for managing case work.

Lima achieves full continuity of evidence during case work through contemporaneous notes, exhibit tracking, and automatic full disclosure. Every Lima solution is ideal for meeting or working towards international quality and process standards. Lima is in use by international law enforcement, forensic service providers, government departments, banking, finance, and commercial organizations globally.

Tri-Tech Forensics is an Accredited Training Partner and Accredited Installation Partner for North, Central, and South America.

We offer volume licensing discounts, as well as professional services for installation and training. For additional information on LIMA Services, contact us>>

Lima Personal Edition
A low cost yet comprehensive total Forensic Case Management solution designed to allow smaller digital forensic practices to operate effectively in the digital forensics environment.

Lima Laboratory Edition
A time-saving solution for law enforcement agencies, forensic services providers, as well as government agencies to regulate their eDiscovery practices efficiently.

Lima Enterprise Edition
The Enterprise solution provides multifaceted organizations with the ability to manage the case submission and authorization processes in a secure, audit logged environment.