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The Fuma-Dome™ is a revolutionary system for developing latent prints via cyanoacrylate (superglue) fumes. Unlike other fuming guns, the Fuma-Dome™ combines a fuming gun and fuming chamber into one system specifically designed for use at a crime scene. It can also be used in the crime laboratory.

This innovative design also incorporates a rechargeable cyanoacrylate cartridge, eliminating the need to purchase expensive one-use-only cartridges. At less than 25 cents per charge, the Fuma-Dome™ is extremely cost effective for your department.

Fuma-Dome™ is supplied with:
1 ea. 1.48 oz. Pressurized Butane Fuel Container
1 ea. 1 oz. Liquid Cyanoacrylate Bottle (to recharging the cartridge)
1 ea. Detailed Instruction Sheet

System Features:
Cost Effective - Rechargeable cyanoacrylate cartridge - no need to purchase expensive one-use-only cartridges
Efficient - Approximately 5-10 minutes of cyanoacrylate fuming at recommended butane fuel setting
Fast - Latent prints are developed in seconds
Additional Features:
A) The clear, 11" diameter plastic dome allows you to monitor the prints as they develop.
B) The Fuma-Dome™ can be used for developing prints on larger surfaces such as glass windows, doors, tabletops, or even vehicles.
C) The Fuma-Dome™ can also be used as a traditional fuming gun. When used in this manner, the dome directs the cyanoacrylate fumes away from you.

Developing latent prints with Fuma-Dome™ is simple and straightforward:

Step 1 - Squeeze trigger and depress button on back to lock in "on" position. Fumes will begin.
Step 2 - Place the Fuma-Dome™ over any evidence where you expect to find prints. Prints will start to develop within a few seconds.

Recharging the cartridge:
After the cyanoacrylate is depleted, recharging is quick and easy:

Step 1 - Squeeze six to seven drops of our liquid cyanoacrylate onto the porous steel ball located between the two bronze retaining screens.
Step 2 - After approximately three minutes of drying time, slide the cyanoacrylate cartridge back onto the torch, and your Fuma-Dome™ is ready for the next time you need it. A recharged cartridge will provide you with approximately five to ten minutes of fuming.

Fuma-Dome™ was developed by David E. Weaver, CLPE. 

Quantity: 1 oz. - 5 Bottles/Case