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AccuTrans® is a revolutionary, non-toxic polyvinylsiloxane evidence casting material specifically designed for forensic applications. Its flexible design is highly resistant to tearing and provides users with the best dimensional stability. AccuTrans® works similar to a caulk gun. There is no messy mixing required. Simply load the gun, depress the trigger, and you get an even, accurate flow. Tool marks and castings cure in just four minutes at 68°F (25°C). AccuTrans® also works great for lifting latent prints from rough or curved surfaces. Once lifted, prints are permanent and cannot be smeared or smudged.

AccuTrans® is available in three colors:

  • AccuTrans® Transparent: This clear, self-pooling material eliminates reverse prints and provides users with zero distortion. It is ideal for use on rough or curved surfaces. This material also works great on skin and blood prints.
  • AccuTrans® White: AccuTrans® White is the perfect way to lift and preserve latent prints from rough, curved, and textured surfaces. It is also ideal for use in casting gun barrels and palm prints.
  • AccuTrans® Brown: AccuTrans® Brown provides exceptional detail when casting tool or pry marks. Its deep, dark color reduces glare, making examination under a microscope easy and straightforward. The material is also ideal for use in casting gun barrels and shell casings.

AccuTrans® Kits:

  •  AccurTrans® Starter Kit: (CM-ACCU-SK)
    • 1 ea. Black Nylon Bag
    • 1 ea. Dispensing Gun
    • 1 ea. Brown Cartridge Tube (75ml.)
    • 1 ea. White Cartridge Tube (75ml.)
    • 1 ea. Transparent Tube (75ml.)
    • 40 ea. Mixing Tips
    • 10 ea. Spatulas
    • 6 ea. Spreader Tips

AccuTrans® Refills:

  • AccuTrans® Refill, Brown: (CM-ACCU-RB4) - 4 Brown Cartridge Tubes (75ml.)
  • AccuTrans® Refill, White: (CM-ACCU-RW4) - 4 White Cartridge Tubes (75ml.)
  • AccuTrans® Refill, Transparent: (CM-ACCU-RT4) - 4 Transparent Cartridge Tubes (75ml.)

AccuTrans® Accessories:

  • AccuTrans® Dispensing Gun: (CM-ACCU-DG) - 1 Gun per package
  • AccuTrans® Mixing Tips: (CM-ACCU-MT40) - 40 Mixing Tips per package
  • AccuTrans® Wide Speader Tip: (CM-ACCU-WT40) - 40 Spreader Tips per package