Mission Darkness™ Smart Meter Cloak

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The Mission Darkness™ Smart Meter Cloak is most often used to block RF emissions, specifically unhealthy EMF radiation, coming from electricity meters referred to as "smart meters." Smart meters are generally affixed to a wall of a building, where they record data surrounding the use of energy and report it to the energy/utility company. This wireless communication creates a great amount of EMF emissions in close proximity to the building, which many people find dangerous to their health. Since smart meters cannot be removed from your property, the only way to reduce your exposure to this constant radiation is by shielding the meter with a fitted RF/EMF cover. Using the Smart Meter Cloak over a smart meter absorbs the EMF waves and stops the emissions from going inside your house/building. The cover is a safe and effective way to reduce your household's exposure to smart meter emissions.

The Smart Meter Cloak is made with a double layer of 1/6" stainless steel mesh, providing extreme support and shielding abilities. The stainless steel lid has two latches and faraday compression gaskets for a secure seal. When needed, a technician can open the lid and view the smart meter screen through the top layer mesh, so the Smart Meter Cloak never needs to be taken off. Installation is made easy with the stainless steel mesh pull tab and double screw clamp for securing the base ring over your smart meter. The kit includes weather-proof foam strips in two sizes that can be used to line the rim of the Smart Meter Cloak, to accommodate various size meters. The high-quality materials will not rust, corrode, or leak RF over time.


  • Smart Meter Cloak uses faraday technology to block harmful EMF radiation and RF emissions coming from electricity meters known as "smart meters"
  • Prevents unwanted EMF pollution from coming inside your house
  • Constructed with a double layer of 1/6" thick heavy-duty stainless steel mesh welded to a reinforced stainless steel frame for extreme support and increased shielding effectiveness
  • Protective stainless steel lid with two latches and faraday compression gaskets
  • When the lid is open, the smart meter screen is visible through the top layer stainless steel mesh
  • Stainless steel mesh pull tab and double screw clamp for securing the base ring over your smart meter
  • Safe to install and use — no grounding wires necessary
  • Universal size fits directly over smart meter
  • Kit includes weather-proof foam strips with peel-and-stick adhesive backing in two sizes to accommodate various smart meter models and ensure a tight seal
  • High corrosion resistance and safe for all weather conditions

Kit Includes:

  • Smart Meter Cloak
  • Installation hardware — two screws and nuts
  • Two weather-proof foam strips with different height sizes (0.75"W x 0.375"H & 0.75"W x 0.5"H)
  • Instruction card

Dimensions: 7.5" x 7.5" x 5"