Momentum MT300 ​DF Mobile Triage Kits

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 The TRITECH Digital FORENSICS Momentum MT400 Digital Forensics Mobile Triage Kits are one-of-a-kind field acquisition tools that include your choice of a Cellebrite universal forensics extraction device (UFED) and the superior ADF Solutions Software. Our kits are housed in a Pelican case with laser-cut foam to organize every item. This case also includes wheels for mobility and is the FAA maximum carry-on size, making travel easy. 

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With TRITECH Digital FORENSICS' Momentum Digital Forensics Mobile Triage Kits, you can start and complete your investigations in the field!  These new MT300 Momentum Mobile Triage Field Lab Kits are intuitive and forensically-sound data acquisition tools, allowing for analysis and review of evidence data. These kits are a field capture solution designed for front line officers to seasoned investigators from state, local, and federal law enforcement and other government agencies. Our systems are thoroughly tested for reliability and performance and come with a standard 1-year warranty.

There are four Momentum MT300 Mobile Triage Kits:

  • DF-MT300 - Mobile Triage Field Lab Duplicating Kit
  • DF-MT300-4PC - Mobile Triage Field Lab Kit with UFED for PC Ultimate Software
  • DF-MT300-4PC-L10 - Mobile Triage Field Lab Kit with UFED for PC Ultimate Software and L10 Laptop
  • DF-MT300-4PC-L12 - Mobile Triage Field Lab Kit with UFED for PC Ultimate Software and Upgraded L12 Laptop - includes all 3 SSD hard drives

Listed below are the components included with each MT300 Kit.  Custom kits are also available.


DF-MT300 - Mobile Triage Field Lab Duplicating Kit 
  • Rugged Pelican Case
  • Laser Cut Foam Storage
  • CRU Ditto Unit (SAS module for Ditto Unit, FireWire module for Ditto Unit,  USB 3.0/2.0 module for Ditto Unit)
  • USB 3.0 Write Blocker unit
  • Media Write Blocker unit (flash cards)
  • USB 3.0 IDE/SATA Write Blocker unit (Forensic UltraDock FUDv5.5)
  • Bootable CD/DVRW Drive
  • 32 GB USB Thumb Drives (2 Per Kit)
  • 1 Year Standard Warranty

DF-MT300-4PC - Mobile Triage Field Lab Kit with UFED for PC Ultimate Software 
DF-MT300 - Mobile Triage Field Lab Duplicating Kit + 
DF-UFED4PC-U   (Complete Logical & Physical Extraction Software-UFED) 
  • All Cables & Power Charging Tips are included
  • Cable & Power Tips Organizer
  • UFED Micro SIM Adapter
  • UFED SIM ID Cloning Cards
  • UFED MICRO SIM ID Cloning Cards
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Data Connectivity Cable
  • Phone Power Up Cable
  • UFED Cleaning Brush
  • Memory Card Reader
  • Physical USB Dongle
  • Logical & Physical software updates, live tech support, warranty and new cables are included free of charge;
    thereafter will be: $3,300.00 per year


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