Momentum MT500 DF Mobile Triage Kits

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The TRITECH Digital FORENSICS Momentum Digital Forensics Mobile Triage Kits are one-of-a-kind field acquisition tools that include your choice of a Cellebrite universal forensics extraction device (UFED) and the superior ADF Solutions Software. Our kits are housed in a Pelican case with laser-cut foam to organize every item. This case also includes wheels for mobility and is the FAA maximum carry-on size, making travel easy. 

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The TRITECH Digital FORENSICS Momentum MT450 Digital Forensics Mobile Triage Kits are the most innovated and advanced singular kit available for digital forensics investigators and drug/gang task force teams anywhere. These kits are similar to our Momentum MT400 and MT450 Digital Forensics Mobile Triage Kits in that they include the superior ADF Solutions Software, but the MT500 also includes a L1 or L2-Laptop i7 Notebook, which allows you to take your office with you in the field, and Complete Logical & Physical Extraction Software.

TRITECH Digital FORENSICS is proud to be a partner with Cellebrite and ADF Solutions:

Our Momentum MT500 Digital Forensics Mobile Triage Kits include Cellebrite UFED4PC-ULTIMATE Software and are supplied with a full complement of cables and accessories for mobile forensics investigations in the field or lab.

Our kits also include your choice of ADF Solutions software that is deployed in a plug-and-play approach using a small, portable USB device to allow for fast results and are available in three versions: Triage-Investigator, Triage-Digital Evidence
Investigator Software, or Triage-G2.

All Momentum MT500 DF Mobile Triage Kits Include:

  • Pelican 1510 Case with Built-In Smooth Rolling Wheels,
  • Laser-Cut Foam, Large Pocket, and Storage Pouch
  • 1 TB Hard Drives (2 per kit)
  • UFED Cell Phone Tip and Cable Set
  • 32 GB Rugged USB 3.0 Tubes (2 per kit)
  • Faraday Pouch: Laptop/Notebook
  • Faraday Pouch: Cell Phone
  • Digital Camera
  • L1 or L2-Laptop i7 Notebook *
  • Complete Logical & Physical Extraction Software - UFED *
  • Choice of ADF Solutions Software *

* See below for additional information on these components.




Complete Logical & Physical Extraction Software - UFED 
  • A comprehensive all-in-one software solution
  • A Windows-compatible tool that easily adapts to a variety of user workflows and environments
  • Closed and self-contained environment for forensically sound extractions
  • Simultaneous operations carried out at the same time
  • Supports all data types
  • Easily integrates with the user’s customized work environment
  • Unique evidence verification engine enables validation of recovered artifacts
  • Frequent updates to ensure compatibility with new phones as they enter the market
CELLEBRITE Package Specifications
•    All Cables & Power Charging Tips are included
•    Cable & Power Tips Organizer
•    UFED Micro SIM Adapter
•    UFED SIM ID and MICRO SIM ID Cloning Cards
•    USB Flash Drive
•    Data Connectivity Cable
•    Phone Power Up Cable
•    UFED Cleaning Brush
•    Memory Card Reader
•    Physical USB Dongle
•    Logical & Physical software updates, live tech support,
      warranty and new cables are included free of charge;
      thereafter will be: $3,300.00 per year

ADF Solutions Software Choices

    •    Versions: Triage-Investigator, Triage-Digital Evidence Investigator Software, and Triage-G2
    •    Extreme ease of use
    •    Find critical evidence in minutes
    •    Single device to scan computers using Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platforms
    •    View results directly on suspect computer
    •    Scan computers that are on and off
    •    Confidently maintain chain of custody with a forensically sound process
    •    Advanced image analysis to quickly identify illegal images
    •    Scan multiple computers simultaneously with a single license to lower investigation costs (in the TE and G2 versions only)
    •    Stealth mode for covert operations (in the G2 version only)

Designed with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology to supply detailed field reporting capabilities for nontechnical users

With advanced search capabilities to analyze and qualify evidence fast to reduce forensics backlog

The media exploitation tool of choice for the U.S. Department of Defense to deploy in sensitive site exploitation toolkits for its operators
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