Suspect Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit with Filter Paper

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Our Suspect Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits are supplied with all the necessary components for the collection of specimens from a suspected assailant and are designed to eliminate any confusion as to what specimens should be collected. They are available with either blood tubes in the RS-0GEN or with a filter-paper blood collection card in the RS-0GEN(FS), which eliminates the need to keep the kit refrigerated after specimen collection. The kit is supplied with a step-by-step instruction sheet, describing the proper collection procedures for when the suspect is apprehended within 24 hours and after 24 hours of the assault.

Due to the sensitive nature of these Evidence Collection Kits, TRITECHFORENSICS does not list their components online.

Any of our Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits can be customized. Customization involves creating a unique product that fits your departments or lab's needs. Examples of items that may be customized are the specific products that are included in the kit or the instructions in the order to meet the laws of certain state or local government. Often a name or logo is included to add another level of security.

For additional information and a complete list of kit components or for information on creating a customized evidence collection kit, please chat with one of our customer service representatives, call us at 800.438.7884 (USA only), or e-mail us at

Quantity: 10 per case