Visible Multi-Stain® Thief Detection Paste

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These Thief Detection Pastes will prove, without a doubt, that the incriminating stain on the suspect's hands or clothing came from an article treated with "Multi-Stain®."

The initial stain will appear almost immediately. The secondary stain appears when the stain is exposed to long wave ultraviolet light. The third stain will appear under long wave ultraviolet light after the suspect has attempted to wash off the visible stain. The fourth stain will appear several hours after contact with the treated article. This fourth stain is visible and almost impossible to remove.

Our Thief Detection Pastes and Powders are available in two ounce volume jars packaged by volume. The net weight of the contents varies according to the color and composition.

Notice: This item can be purchased by law enforcement agencies or private investigators only.


• Initial stain - Yellow

• Second Stain - fluorescent Green

• Third stain - fluorescent Blue

• Fourth stain - visible Purple


• Initial stain - Red

• Second Stain - fluorescent Red

• Third stain - fluorescent Blue

• Fourth stain - visible Purple.

Weight: 2 oz