WMM12 Wound Mapping Marker - 100 sheets

KISS Healthcare Inc.

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The KISS System wound mapping markers enhance wound documentation by keeping photographed wounds organized in the medical record. In a clinical setting, the markers can be used to track present on admission wounds. In a forensic setting, the markers help keep the evidence organized and tell the story. Different colored markers highlight unique wounds, patterns of abuse, and create contrast on different skin colors. In addition, the mapping markers help to accelerate assessments times. 

The smaller sets are available to reduce waste.  If you use 10 of the markers, you do not want to throw away 40 of them.  Sets of 12 and 25 give you flexibility.


  • Sheet size:  6.4x26.7 cm
  • White markers 1-50 per sheet
  • 2 arrows per sheet
  • Marker size:  1.4x1.4cm
  • Skin Friendly adhesive