TRITECH Digital Forensics is dedicated to providing exceptional service and state-of-the-art digital forensics equipment to each client, whether the need is for a small mobile kit for patrol cars or a full lab solution. Keeping in mind that technology is constantly changing, we design our products to be adaptable, working with components that are already familiar and in place.

We use only the best, fully-tested manufacturers for our integrated forensics solutions including workstations, mobile triage cases, faraday products, forensic imaging, forensic investigator software and much more.



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  • OffGrid Faraday Tent


    OffGrid Faraday Tent

    Faraday Tents enable maximum, comprehensive security for forensic and anti-espionage investigations. The Faraday Tent secures more than just devices, it secures an entire area so that investigators may operate in a protected field.  EDEC Faraday...

    $24,875.00 - $27,750.00
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  • Momentum DataCenter Solution

    Momentum DataCenter Solution

    By implementing the TRITECH Digital FORENSICS' Momentum DataCenter Solution, your agency becomes capable of running a variety of cutting edge software applications. Currently the architecture is designed to run both the latest versions of Access Data FTK...