Specimen Collection Supplies

  • Wound Alignment Stick Figure - SF16 - 100 sheets

    The KISS System stick figures are used to outline the wound to the body for close-up photography and will help standardize the picture. No matter the positioning of the camera over the wound, the wounds alignment to the body will always be known...

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  • Wound Photo Scales - R25 - 200 sheets

    The KISS System wound ruler is an effective tool for recording linear wounds. The color-coded, adhesive backing conforms to the curvatures of the body and helps medical professionals determine the size of a wound through the color-coded bars. With the...

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  • KISS System - Wound Photo Scales

    The KISS System™ is a complete photo documentation system using a patented photo scale design to reduce the subjectivity in wound photographs. This system is color-coded to size and conforms to the curvature of the body.  We recognize that no...

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