Specimen Collection

Our specimen collection products include various kits and supplies for the collection of evidence from both victims and suspects. These kits are used to collect sexual assault evidence, DNA samples, blood and urine specimens, postmortem specimens, and GSR evidence.

  • FTA Elute Micro Card or Indicating Card - 100/pkg

    The FTA® Elute Card provides stable, long-term room temperature DNA storage with easy release using a simple elution method. It eliminates lengthy and multiple step isolation procedures, and the indicator card changes from purple to white when the...

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  • Wound Photo Scales Bundle - 500 sheets

    This wound photo scale bundle comes with 500 assorted sheets.  The sheets included are as follows:R25 (200 Sheets)The KISS System wound ruler is an effective tool for recording linear wounds. The color-coded, adhesive backing conforms to the...

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